Hoky Sweeper Vacuum Cleaners


Frustrated from having to continually buy cheap, junky sweepers that break all the time? Most sweepers are disposable and they can’t be repaired, so they end up in a landfill somewhere. It’s not your fault. You can’t get a decent sweeper from a big box retailer.

What separates Hoky Sweepers from the competition? Many sweeper models have a traditional bristle brush which limits the amount and kinds of debris that could be picked up. Hoky’s revolutionary RotorBlade provides 30% better cleaning. It’s a huge step forward for the industry and we’re proud to offer these state-of-the-art cordless push sweepers for businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters, schools and day cares. When it comes to cleanliness, don’t settle for less.

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Hoky Sweepers pick up even the smallest items, which make them perfect for any restaurant. Quickly clean up around tables after families are done eating.

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Hoky Sweepers are a dream at picking up after movie goers and they’re just an easier, simpler way to keep your theater looking clean and neat all day long.

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Crayons and pencils are no match for our quick and easy sweepers. Hoky Sweepers provide a simple and inexpensive way to keep carpet and hard floors picked up in between cleanings.

HokySweeper Accessories

  • 23T Handle Set

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  • 23T Brush

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  • 23T Corner Brush

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  • 23T Handle Grip (Also Fits Hoky PR2400)

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  • PR2400 Blade

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