Heat Surge Mini Glo Efficiency Plus

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This is the revolutionary, brand new Mini-Glo Efficiency Plus. It’s everything you love about the full-size Heat Surge fireplace, but it’s breathtakingly small. Just one-tenth the size.

It knocks out heat bills through its remarkably small, but mighty Hybrid-Thermic® micro-furnace and heat exchanger that heats any room floor to ceiling, head to toe even when the home thermostat is turned way down.

It uses just a trickle of electricity and saves you money based on a U.S. average that says it uses only about 14¢ of electricity an hour, yet it produces up to an amazing 3,685 BTU’s.

But here’s the big surprise. It’s not just a metal box that belongs in a basement. It’s a slim, sleek, fireplace that has no real flames. Its Fireless Flame® technology makes it safe to the touch. The Heat Surge Mini-Glo Efficiency Plus is a showpiece in any room, measuring just 9.4” high, 13.25” wide, and 6.5” deep.

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