Reconditioned Oreck Air Purifier Air8

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This Air Purifier works best if you leave it in operation continuously, and it provides multiple settings for convenient use at any time.The air you breathe is filled with thousands of particles of air pollution. Some of the pollutants like dust and lint are large enough to be visible to the naked eye, but pollutants such as pollen, smoke, germs, bacteria, etc., are microscopic in size. This Oreck Air Purifier has been designed to capture and destroy visible and invisible pollutants and provide you the luxury of clean air living in your home or office. Airborne particles and odors are removed from air passing through the unit by the process of electrostatic precipitation and an activated charcoal odor absorber. The fragrance feature releases a pleasant aroma with the newly cleaned air.

Features & details

Silence technology

Quality Air Ionizer

Fragrance adapter for aroma control

Electronic system with variable operating settings and strengths

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